To join the LYINC one must be recommended by at least two existing members and the application must be approved by the Board.

The members must attend a general meeting at least once per year.

For details concerning membership applications & fees please contact our manager,

Anna Williatte, on

+33 6 06 58 75 05.

  • The LYINC aims to develop exchange and friendship between internationally minded French citizens and those from other countries living in Lyon.

  • Our international members, fluent in English and/or French, come from diverse sectors including industry and commerce, science and research, education, music and the arts.

  • Our French members are bilingual in French and English. They work in a wide range of sectors and many have spent a period of their professional lives working abroad.

  • The club is open to spouses and partners, as well as members who are no longer active professionally.

  • The LYINC shall include at least as many members from abroad as French members.